Sash Windows: A Smart Investment for Your Home’s Energy Efficiency in November 2023

As a sash window expert, I often get asked about the benefits of installing these beautiful windows in homes across the UK. Sash windows offer charm and character, but they also provide some excellent practical benefits that can save money and increase your home’s value. In this post, I’ll break down the top reasons to choose sash windows if you’re considering new windows for your home. Improved Energy Efficiency and Reduced Energy Bills One of the best reasons to select sash windows is that they can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency when double or triple-glazed. According to research by the Energy Saving Trust: ➡️ Homeowners can save £195 annually by installing A-rated double-glazed windows in a single-glazed semi-detached home. ➡️ With A++ rated double-glazed sash windows, savings can reach £235 annually. These energy savings are thanks to the insulated air space between the glass panes found in double and triple glazing. This insulative layer slows heat transfer, reducing convection