Sash Window Repairs Abbey Ward

Sash Window Repairs Abbey Ward

Welcome to Classic Sash Windows and Carpentry, a leading specialist for Sash Window Repairs Abbey Ward.

Where the original sash window still exists but with the common problems of timber decay, sashes painted shut and inoperable or the sashes so loose that they rattle, let in cold air and allow the heat to escape and more often than not with broken or missing sash cords, we at Classic Sash Windows and Carpentry are experts at solving all these problems whilst being sympathetic to the heritage of the window and the property.

Mostly timber decay is limited to the main frame cill and possibly the lower sash bottom rail. Copies of these would be made and fitted so that it would be indistinguishable from the original. However, whilst the original window would have been manufactured from good quality slow grown and seasoned softwood, we do not have the luxury of such good material today, therefore all new windows or any timber used in the repair of a window that is exposed to the elements; a durable hardwood timber is used.

Whilst the window is being repaired and renovated, it is desirable, if not essential to include draught-proofing and maybe double glazing, whilst maintaining the appearance and functionality of the original. The Classic draught-proofing and Sash Release systems ensure that draughts are eliminated to BS6375 Part 1 standard and, with the draught-seals also performing the function of bearers upon which the sashes slide, it ensures the sashes will glide up and down without sticking or binding.

We also replace the sash cords and these have a special feature that allows quick and complete removal of both sashes for painting and maintenance without the need for tools or any special expertise. This is also useful for getting large items of furniture into the house. The massive additional benefit of this removal system is that the sashes can be stripped and painted away from the window and the remainder of the external box/frame can be painted from the inside, thus eliminating the need for costly scaffolding. We then offer the additional benefit of sealed unit double glazing. This is achieved by re-cutting the glass rebates to accept our Eco-Slim krypton gas filled sealed units giving a u-value of 1.9 Wm2k.

Occasionally if the glazing bars are very narrow, it may necessitate manufacturing new hardwood sashes to copy the originals but with slightly wider bars to accept the sealed units but this rarely upsets the originality of the window. Even fairly close up to the window, it is difficult to appreciate it is double glazed; hence it can sometimes be acceptable in listed properties.

So in summary, we can repair and retain your original ‘antique’ window whilst bringing it up to a high-performance level dictated by modern living standards – “Preserving the past – Protecting the future.”

Our team specialises in sash window repairs Abbey Ward, so if you are based in Abbey Ward and would like to arrange for a free consultation, please contact Classic Sash Windows today.