Sash Windows Kenilworth

Sash Windows Kenilworth

Welcome to Classic Sash Windows and Carpentry, a leading installer and repairer of Sash Windows Kenilworth.

Sash windows were originally a French innovation which came about due to Continental windows mainly opening inwards and restricting internal space somewhat, particularly in passageways.  Therefore vertically sliding windows, which are sometimes used as garden doors, were invented but without the counterbalance mechanism that we associate with sash windows today. Pulleys ropes and counterbalance weights were an English innovation when the design came to this country in the mid-18th century. So the double hung vertically sliding counterbalanced sash became commonplace, not only in grand mansions but also small cottages. However, glass was exceedingly expensive in larger panes so the ‘Georgian’ style with small panes of glass set into glazing bars (or astragals) was used practically in all cases except for the very wealthy home owner.

By the mid-19th century excise duty was removed from glass reducing its cost by 75%, therefore the less wealthy could now afford larger panes of glass. So the glazing bars (astragals) started to be eliminated, being replaced with a single pane, or, more commonly retaining just one vertical glazing bar and two panes of glass per sliding sash. This became what is now commonly described as the Victorian style sash window. A common misconception is that the glazing bars were removed because either they were rotten or to make painting easier. In fact, it was usually done to prove the affluence of the owner to show off to his neighbour.

At Classic Sash Windows and Carpentry we firmly believe in retaining this rich history for our benefit and that of future generations. Old buildings in Kenilworth have such character and the windows are one of the main features of that character. If the windows have been removed or replaced in the past by something inappropriate, we will replicate the original window, copying it in section, style and mouldings and quite often with reclaimed ‘drawn’ glass and fitting it to its original set back position where appropriate and with internal moulded architraves and nose-boards. Or, better still, if the original window still exists, we can carry out repairs and replace timbers to copy the original and bring the window back to good condition and fully operational. Subject to any planning restrictions, Eco-Slim high performance sealed unit double glazing can also be fitted.

Our specialist team installs and repairs sash windows all over Kenilworth, so if you are based in Kenilworth and would like to arrange for a free consultation, please contact Classic Sash Windows today.