Double Glazing

Previously adding typical double glazing to a traditional hardwood window was almost impossible without destroying the window’s appearance and going against listed property regulations and laws.

You can now double glaze your traditional windows

With the new technology of slimline high-performance sealed units, it can now be done; you will need to book a consultation with one of our traditional window experts to ascertain whether it is possible to double glaze your sash and casement windows.

Are you looking to install double glazed sash windows in your new home?

Are you building a new property, or have you bought a traditional property that lacks classic features in Coventry, Birmingham, or Leamington?

New hardwood sashes can be manufactured with high-performance slimline sealed units and then fitted back to the original boxes or into newly installed box frames.

We can offer further solutions by re-cutting the glass rebates to the existing sash to accept the sealed units. We will discuss your options and costs on our initial free survey.

Call 024 7646 6870 for double glazing traditional windows made possible with Classic Sash Windows and Carpentry across Coventry, Birmingham, and Leamington Spa.

Scott Carter

Scott Carter