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Do you need sash window repairs?

Traditional vertically sliding sash windows are without doubt things of beauty, but not often a joy forever, but now, Classic Sash Windows & Carpentry can provide you with the solution.

We are experts at sash window repairs and improving your windows so that they will always operate smoothly & effortlessly without draughts, rattles and with reduced noise ingress, which means you will retain your original traditional windows but with greatly improved performance.

Draught proofing and reducing noise

At the point of survey all necessary sash windows repairs are identified and priced in our quotation along with the draught proofing system. All decayed timber is removed, repaired or replaced as appropriate with exact copies of the original but using durable hardwood for greater longevity. The ethos of our Company is to retain as much of the original window as possible without resorting to large amounts of filler – Preserving the past, protecting the future.

It is when the repairs are complete that we then install our perimeter draughtproofing which virtually eliminates all draughts, rattles, heat loss and reduces traffic noise. These seals also perform the duty of bearers in which the sashes slide to ensure free and easy operation.

Sash window maintenance made easy

Sash window maintenance and painting has always been difficult with traditional windows, therefore historically they have not received the attention necessary to maintain their integrity and function. With our unique system, the sashes can be easily removed (from the inside only therefore absolutely secure) without causing damage to the beads or frame.

In short we retain your original ‘antique’ period window but bring it up to to a high performance level.

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