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Farmhouse Sash Window and French Door Restoration

Private homeowner
Tamworth, Staffordshire

The Brief

Our client approached us with a project involving a beautiful, large farmhouse in Tamworth. The front of the house boasts at least eight windows, adorned by charming climbing plants. However, the sash windows were in dire need of restoration and some replacements.

The Plan

Upon inspection, we discovered that the project required comprehensive restoration of all the sash windows and the replacement of some. Additionally, the client needed new French doors, draft proofing, and the replacement of sills, marking this as a substantial project.

The Challenges

The project presented several challenges:

  • Painted-Shut Windows: Many of the sash windows were painted shut, and upon attempting to redecorate, significant rotting was discovered.

  • Out-of-Square Window Aperture: The window openings were not square, complicating the restoration process.

  • Interfering Plant Growth: The climbing plants, although picturesque, were accelerating the rotting process and had to be cut back.

The client's goals were to repair and enhance the aesthetics of the windows, improve thermal performance, and ensure historically accurate restoration.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we implemented the following solutions:

  1. Out-of-Square Aperture:

    We custom-cut the sashes into boxes to fit the uneven window reveals.

  2. Managing Plant Growth: We trimmed back the climbing plants to reduce ongoing rot and facilitate long-term maintenance.

  3. Restoration and Replacement:

    • Completed the project in approximately 70 hours.

    • Provided comprehensive repair and replacement services.

    • Retained the original pine frame backing, maintaining historical accuracy.

  4. Additional Enhancements:

    • Replaced the French doors.

    • Draft-proofed and changed sills on 4-5 windows.

    • Installed a release system to allow easier future painting of the windows.

The Results

The restoration and replacement of the sash windows were successfully completed, significantly improving the farmhouse's aesthetic appeal and thermal performance. The client was particularly pleased with the historically accurate restoration and the enhanced functionality of the windows.

Why Choose Classic Sash Windows?

Our team of friendly, professionals based in Warwickshire will be able to provide you with all of the information you need when you enquire. At Classic Sash Windows, we can survey your requirements and provide a bespoke itemised quote covering a range of options.

Our sash removal system allows for easy removal and painting of sashes, negating the need for scaffolding.

Whether you need a brand-new sash window or need help with repair and restoration, our team are here to assist. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you.

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