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Sash Window Renovation

Sash Window Renovation

Classic Sash Windows specializes in preserving the charm and character of traditional sash windows through expert renovation techniques. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship ensures that your windows not only retain their historical beauty but also meet the demands of modern living.

Our Renovation Process

Step 1 - Assessment & Plan

Our team conducts an initial assessment of your sash windows to identify areas requiring attention, such as decayed wood, broken cords, or damaged glazing.

Step 2 -  Repair & Restoration

Whenever possible, we opt for repair over replacement, employing traditional joinery techniques to mend damaged components and restore structural integrity.

Step 3 - Draught Proofing

To improve energy efficiency and comfort, we offer draught-proofing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your sash windows, reducing heat loss without compromising aesthetics.

The Best Sash Window Renovators In Warwickshire

We provide sash window renovation services to Warwickshire and the surrounding areas. Our team of professionals can survey your requirements and offer you a bespoke quote for renovating your windows. Our sash removal system makes the process hassle-free. Contact us today to bring your sash windows back to life.

Should I Renovate My Sash Windows?

Wondering whether sash window renovation is the right choice for your property?

Consider the following factors:

Historical Significance

If your property has historical significance or features unique architectural details, renovating sash windows can help preserve its heritage charm while addressing any wear and tear.

Cost Consideration

Renovating your windows can be a more budget-friendly option as compared to getting them entirely replaced, especially if you have several windows in your property. Before making a decision, make sure to evaluate the current condition of your windows and compare the cost of renovation to that of replacing them. This will help you make an informed decision.

Energy Efficiency

Renovating sash windows can improve energy efficiency by fixing drafts, gaps, and insulation issues. This can lead to reduced energy bills and increased comfort. It's a popular choice for upgrading homes and can also prevent potential damage caused by dampness, mold, and rot.

Customer Reviews

"Really fast turnaround, with great quality and craftsmanship and a reasonable price for fitting a new sash window as well."

Customer Reviews

"A fantastic service from the start to the finish. The three fitters worked incredibly hard over three days to get the job finished. They were very professional and left the property immaculate each evening. I would highly recommend this company"

Customer Reviews

"We had two sliding sash windows draft proofed and double glazed. We were entirely satisfied with the work. The two guys were very pleasant and the work was carried out as specified and in a day. We have used another contractor in the past. Classic Sash Windows were much more responsive and quicker. Their price was competitive. Would certainly recommend."

Property Value Preservation

Preserving your property's sash windows can maintain its charm and increase its value. Renovated sash windows enhance curb appeal and attract buyers who appreciate traditional architecture. They're energy-efficient and add a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, making them a great investment.

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